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#59 - 36"H Sangria Plain Double Back Fully Upholstered Booth with Wood End Caps

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Provide your guests with a comfortable place to sit while they enjoy their meal with this 45 1/2" double back fully upholstered booth with wood end caps. Supported by a heavy-duty hardwood frame with reinforced glued corner blocks, this booth with wood end caps offers structural stability to accommodate any patron who uses it. Not only is the spring seat nicely padded for optimal comfort, it's also removable for easy cleaning. Cross-connecting links ensure further strength for dependable, long-term functionality.

The 45 1/2" long seat features Grade 4 Vinyl and allows for two to three people to sit comfortably on one side. A 4 3/4" high vinyl kick base protects the unit and surrounding furniture from scuffs and bumps. And, thanks to the bright color, this unit will match nicely with any diner, cafe, or cozy restaurant atmosphere. Choose from dark mahogany, walnut, natural, cherry, or black end caps. Treat your guests to a pleasant dining experience with this double back booth with wood end caps.

Booth Length: 45 1/2 Inches

Booth Width: 44 Inches

Base Height: 4 ¾ Inches

Booth Height 36 Inches

Seat Height: 18 Inches

Booth Style: Plain Back

Booth Type: Double 

Vinyl Color: Sangria 

Frame Material: Wood

Upholstery Material: Vinyl

Padded Seat: Yes

End Caps Available Colors: Dark Mahogany, Walnut, Natural, Cherry, or Black


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